Fair Trade: the basics

January 29, 2024

Fair Trade is a global movement that puts people and the planet before profit. When producers receive a fair price for their goods it leads to an improved working environment and a better quality of life for them and their families. Fair Trade takes a holistic approach by connecting producers and consumers through making supply chains more transparent and providing better choices for shopping responsibly. Justice, equity and sustainable development should be at the heart of equal trade structures and Fair Trade is a partnership for change and development through trade.

Fair Trade supports its partners to take ownership of their business and to empower workers to take control of their own future and work together democratically. When this happens, producers are more likely to choose to develop sustainable farming practices which can help mitigate the ongoing damage caused by climate change. Fair Trade also supports producer led community development, education and health projects and human rights for people globally.

We work with and recognise two international Fair Trade bodies: F​airtrade International​ and the W​orld Fair Trade Organisation.​

Who is Fair Trade Wales?

At Fair Trade Wales, we support, grow and promote the Fair Trade movement in Wales.

Since 2009, we’ve campaigned for the rights of farmers and producers in low and middle income countries who are often poorly paid and live with the impact of climate change. We think that all farmers and workers, wherever they live in the world, should receive a living income.

How can I get incolved?

  1. Join a local group
  2. Teach Fair Trade at your school
  3. Buy Fairtrade
  4. Volunteer with us
  5. Apply for our community celebration grants and celebrate Fairtrade!