Fair Trade community celebration grants

July 2023 – Tuesday 30th April 2024
Fairtrade Fortnight event at Oasis, Cardiff
10.03.23 Oasis, Cardiff Llun gan // Picture by: Nick Treharne

Fair Trade Wales launch community celebration grants

(We are no longer accepting applications as the grant has been fully administered)

After a successful celebration event in the Senedd, we are extending our celebrations across the nation!

This year, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary as the world’s first Fair Trade Nation. We launched the celebrations in July with an event in the Senedd, and now we want to help communities celebrate across the nation. 

Want to celebrate in your area? Are you a community organisation, small business, faith group or school? Or do you have a strong commitment to upholding social justice?

Apply now for a grant (max £500) to cover the costs of your celebration. The activity can take place any time before 30 September 2024. Applications will be considered on a fortnightly basis, so get your application in as soon as you are ready!

There are many things you could do like Fairtrade coffee mornings, a Fairtrade walk and a Fairtrade bake-off. However, here are some more creative examples of what you could do:

1. Fairtrade art competition

Every year to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, the Vale of Glamorgan run a Fairtrade Youth Art Competition. Why not get creative and replicate this in your area, maybe within your school, or between a couple of schools. But, this doesn’t have to be limited to young people, you might decide to have an art competition in your community or as part of a local event. Once you have your art pieces, you could display them around the community to spread the Fairtrade message further.  

2. Fair Trade fashion show

Connect with your local sustainable fashion shops or schools/colleges to organise a Fairtrade fashion show. Participants could get creative and design an outfit out of Fairtrade and second-hand clothing. Combine this with a catwalk and Fairtrade refreshments and you are promoting sustainable fashion and Fairtrade – a win-win!

3. Host a Fairtrade supper

This year, we organised a Fairtrade supper event to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight 2023. You could try something similar and also host a Fairtrade supper. The tip is to use as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible to create something delicious. It’s a perfect way to celebrate community connections and our connections to the wider world through food.