1. Aardvark Alternatives

    Aardvark Alternatives is an Independent Wholefood Shop and Therapy Centre in Carmarthen, South Wales. They stock Fairtrade tea, coffee and chocolate.

  2. Abergavenny Fairtrade forum

    The Forum promotes Fairtrade and the sale and use of Fairtrade products by local businesses and organisations, organising events in Fairtrade Fortnight each year.

  3. Ammanford Fairtrade

    Ammanford Fairtrade group is all about raising awareness of Fairtrade issues and promoting Fairtrade in its lovely town.

  4. Awesome Wales

    Awesome Wales is the Vale of Glamorgan’s first Zero waste store. Located in Barry, Cowbridge and now the UHW Cardiff, Awesome Wales stocks a variety of Fairtrade goods. Pop along to their shop, or head to their website for your eco-friendly and Fairtrade products.

  5. Babipur

    Babipur is an ethically focused shop for all the family. Babipur believes that ethical shopping should be fun, fair trade and free from exploitation.

  6. Bala Sport

    Bala Sport is a co-operative set up to expand the availability and use of ethically produced Fairtrade sports balls (focusing initially on footballs, rugby balls and futsals) in the UK and beyond.

  7. Bangor Fair Trade Group

    Bangor Fairtrade group promotes and supports Fairtrade in Bangor.

  8. Barry Town Council Fairtrade Advisory Committee

    Fairtrade Barry is supported by Barry Town Council. We organise events to promote and showcase Fairtrade, working with local schools and churches, as well as promoting Fairtrade products at popular events.

  9. Bay Coffee Roasters

    Bay Coffee Roasters are a Great Taste winner and roast a variety of Fairtrade coffees on the Ceredigion coast. Their roasting is powered by renewable energy and their Fairtrade coffee is a must try.

  10. Carmarthenshire Fair Trade County Group

    We work to support & grow the Fair Trade movement.

  11. Chepstow Fair Trade Forum

    Chepstow is an official Fair-Trade town and we encourage individuals and businesses in Chepstow to help make a difference to the world by becoming Fair Trade.

  12. Conwy Fair Trade Coalition

    We support and promote Fairtrade to local shops, businesses and schools in Conwy.