South West

  1. Aardvark Alternatives

    Aardvark Alternatives is an Independent Wholefood Shop and Therapy Centre in Carmarthen, South Wales. They stock Fairtrade tea, coffee and chocolate.

  2. Environment Centre Green Shop

    The Environment Centre Green Shop has been providing green, Fairtrade and cruelty free household products, food and crafts to the community for many years and is home to Swansea’s first refill station.

  3. The Dragons Garden

    The Dragons Garden shop opened in 2014 with a focus on Fair Trade and the environment. Since then it has flourished selling books, Fair Trade gifts & food, seeds, plants & fresh vegetables.

  4. Fair Trade Newcastle Emlyn

    A group to support Fairtrade activities in Newcastle Emlyn.

  5. Carmarthenshire Fair Trade County Group

    We work to support & grow the Fair Trade movement.

  6. Fair Trade Clydach

    We promote Fairtrade in Clydach.

  7. Porthcawl Fairtrade Town

    We promote Fairtrade in Porthcawl.

  8. Ammanford Fairtrade

    Ammanford Fairtrade group is all about raising awareness of Fairtrade issues and promoting Fairtrade in its lovely town.