About Fair Trade Wales

Llun/Photo: Nick Treharne

At Fair Trade Wales, we support, grow and promote the Fair Trade movement in Wales.

Since 2009, we’ve campaigned for the rights of farmers and producers in low and middle income countries who are often poorly paid and live with the impact of climate change. We think that all farmers and workers, wherever they live in the world, should receive a living income.

Although Wales is a small nation, we want to play our part in creating a better world – at home and further afield – and we made history in 2008 by becoming the world’s first Fair Trade Nation.

We always put people before profit and our vision is for an equal world that trades fairly so that everyone can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood. Our mission is to be a catalyst for the movement in Wales, and in everything that we do, we strive to be supportive, collaborative and empowering.

We’re known for our expert knowledge and opinion around Fair Trade, trade justice and wider issues around human rights, sustainability and equality. We work with two international Fair Trade bodies – F​airtrade International​ and the W​orld Fair Trade Organisation – and support over 30 active Fair Trade groups who work with local communities and organisations across Wales. We can also support organisations to meet the seven Well-being Goals of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that requires public bodies to work better with people, communities and each other, and to prevent persistent problems such as poverty, health inequalities and climate change.

Fair Trade Wales is a small company limited by guarantee, with two part-time members of staff, volunteers and a board of directors. We’re a partner in Hub Cymru Africa, and part of the UK’s Trade Justice Movement. Fair Trade Wales is funded by the Welsh Government through the Wales and Africa programme.

What we do

Fair Trade Wales has an important role to play in supporting the growth of the movement across Wales and providing Fair Trade producer opportunities internationally.

We work with over 30 Fairtrade communities, 200 schools, 18 local authorities and eight Fair Trade retailers, and connect with faith groups, universities and businesses in Wales each year. We also coordinate campaigns and events including Fairtrade Fortnight and Fair Trade producer tours in Wales. We’re also the only national Fair Trade organisation in Wales offering Welsh-language resources for the whole of Wales.

What we want to achieve

At Fair Trade Wales, we have three main objectives; which are to:

  • Support: To create and support activists
  • Grow: To create partnerships and maximise opportunities
  • Promote: To maintain and enhance Welsh Government’s commitment to furthering Wales as a Fair Trade Nation

We do this because we think it’s right that all producers and suppliers receive a living income.

Meet the team

  1. Sarah Stone

    Head of Fair Trade Wales (secondment)
    Sarah’s career has mostly been in the third sector and has been concerned with social justice, mental health and community. Most recently she worked for Samaritans, alongside volunteers across Wales, and with government and other agencies to improve mental health policy and address inequalities. She has a great interest in storytelling and has just finished an MA in creative writing.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Divine dark chocolate fruit & nuts
  2. Kadun Rees

    Community & Communications Officer
    Kadun has a background in communications and is interested in trade, development and climate justice. He is a proud Welsh speaker, a Spanish learner, and has an MSc in Conflict, Security & Development.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Coffee - Jenipher’s Coffi Beans
  3. Angela Roe

    Finance Officer
    Angela has a background in bookkeeping and accounts having worked as an accountants clerk for many years. She is the longest standing member of the team, having been with Fair Trade Wales as bookkeeper since 2006. Angela is a Brownie leader and enjoy crafts such as sewing and knitting.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Co-op irresistible dark chocolate with raspberries
  4. Picture of Chair

    Lila Haines

    Lila is an independent researcher and writer whose career has spanned journalism, politics, and international development. She speaks Welsh, Irish and Spanish and is particularly interested in equality issues, sustainable development and political history.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Ice-cream - Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra
  5. Rita Singh

    Vice Chair
    Rita has many years’ experience working on sustainability, bringing a wealth of knowledge on policy development, networking, and leading action to deliver change on sustainable development policies in the private, public and third sectors.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Zaytoun Olive oil and Almonds
  6. Tamsin Wallbank

    Tamsin graduated with a BA(Hons) Philosophy in 1996. She spent several years working for various high street banks before returning to university to do an MSc in Business & IT. Tamsin is currently looking to learn how to eat fire & sky dive.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Bala rugby ball (mini and full sized)
  7. Emma Brown

    Emma has a background in farming, Food Science and the food industry, and currently works at FareShare. After spending time working on farms in Southern India and Spain, she values the hardships of farming and wants to promote an equal and fairer society.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Tony’s Chocolonely (specifically dark chocolate almond sea salt)
  8. Natalie Rees

    Natalie is a sustainability expert with over 20 years experience, currently with Transport for Wales, and is also a partner in a vegan catering company. Natalie is passionate about Fairtrade, having set up and gained status for the Fairtrade Neath Port Talbot County Group.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Tony’s Chocolonely (specifically dark chocolate almond sea salt)
  9. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams studied theology and worked as ordained Minister before joining Christian Aid, where he became Head, working with the organisation in eighteen countries, and being active on Welsh coalitions campaigning for global justice.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

  10. Brân Devey

    Brân is a former employee of Fair Trade Wales and now works at Ramblers Cymru, where he is a staunch advocate for getting people outside to enhance their health and well-being. In summary, his career to date is characterised by a passion for communication, environmental and international issues, a commitment to mental health, and a strong belief in global justice and solidarity.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Paramo jacket
  11. Alex Phillips

    Alex has worked in Welsh public policy for over a decade with a primary focus on environmental and sustainable development policy and legislation. Alex is passionate about the intersections between the environmental and social/cultural sustainability, especially within the food system.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Everything Fairtrade from Greggs
  12. Picture of staff member

    Aileen Burmeister

    Head of Fair Trade Wales (away on secondment)
    Aileen has worked in the charity and education sectors, with organisations focussed on poverty and excluded groups. She enjoys working on community engagement, boring details of global trade deals, and tasty new Fair Trade products.

    Favourite Fair Trade Product

    Co-op Irresistible Single Origin Dark Chocolate with Orange