Volunteering: Tamika’s story

March 11, 2024
A picture of the Fair Trade Wales team, Tamika on the far left.
11.07.23 Fair Trade event at The Senedd Picture by Nick Treharne

Tamika volunteered at Hub Cymru Africa, more specifically within the Fair Trade Wales team, helping organise our 15 year celebration event as a Fair Trade Nation. Find out from Tamika how it went.

I had the pleasure to volunteer with Fair Trade Wales alongside completing my masters degree in Environment and Development from Cardiff University. The two accompanied each other well, as I was able to experience how theories and principles learnt in the classroom around ethical trade, social justice, and environmental justice translated to real world problems and working to real world solutions. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my involvement with Fair Trade Wales was celebrating 15 years of Wales as a Fair Trade Nation.  Helping to coordinate the 15 year celebration event at the Senedd was incredibly fulfilling, as I got to engage with community volunteers who have been advocating for Fairtrade for years. It helped to cement the importance of collective action towards shared goals.

Volunteering with Fair Trade Wales has been an integral part of my academic and personal growth journey as well as my professional journey. It empowered me to explore future career opportunities with confidence as I drew upon the skills I learnt and developed from volunteering. Including, but not limited to, communications and general administrative tasks. Working within a small team meant I was able to build strong professional relationships, something that was of real value to me in a post-COVID, remote working, era.

It has reinforced my commitment to advocating for social and environmental justice while equipping me with the skills to effect meaningful change. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of Fair Trade Wales, for the people I have met and the lessons I have learned.