We’re celebrating 30 years of Fairtrade in the UK

April 22, 2024

(parts of this blog first appeared on the Fairtrade Foundation’s website)

It’s 30 years since the first Fairtrade certified products hit supermarket shelves. Since then, Fairtrade has not only pioneered a unique, more equitable way of doing trade – and shown how it makes a tangible difference – it has become the world’s most recognised and trusted ethical label. 

This year, it’s a double celebration as we also continue our celebrations of 15 years as the world’s first Fair Trade Nation. We have marked this through giving out grants for events across Wales. 

Behind the Fairtrade label, a global community of millions has been working towards more responsibly produced and fairly priced goods, as part of a fairer world for everyone. That includes more than 2 million farmers and workers in 58 countries, some of our most loved brands of tea, coffee and chocolate, and Fairtrade communities across Wales including towns, cities, schools, places of worship and shops.

Despite this success, our global food system still isn’t fair. Farmers are part of a chain in which power is unfairly distributed. They are frequently forced to sell their crops for less money than they cost to grow.

Meet Nimrod

Nimrod spoke to us last year about some of the issues he has faced as a coffee producer in Uganda. He called upon world leaders to take climate change seriously. As a Fairtrade farmer, Nimrod has championed Fairtrade as a solution to some of the issues seen by coffee producers. On his many visits to Wales, Nimrod has met with communities across the country to spread the Fairtrade message that the future is fair. 

You can support from Nimrod’s coffee cooperative, through buying Jenipher’s Coffi

Celebrate 30 years with us this year by supporting Fairtrade – here’s some ideas

  1. Choose Fairtrade

There are now over 6,000 Fairtrade products available in the UK. These range from Fairtrade classics like coffee, chocolate, bananas and tea, to the more unusual; flowers, tote bags and gold. Several of these products are also sold by small businesses here in Wales – find out where your nearest Fairtrade shop is.

  1.  Sign the Petition: Protecting Forests with Fairtrade Farmers

In 2024, the UK Government has pledged to move forward with new laws aimed at preventing deforestation connected to the goods we buy from overseas.

Tell the UK Government to deliver their promised funding and ensure legal changes to tackle deforestation do not place the burden on farmers like Nimrod.

  1. Sign up to hear more

Sign up to our mailing list to hear more about the benefits of choosing Fairtrade, how you can get involved and events near you. 

  1. Celebrate Fairtrade! 

Head to your local Fairtrade shop or supermarket to pick up some Fairtrade chocolate, wine or juice and enjoy it! Or, why not connect with your local Fairtrade group and see if they are celebrating with an event? 

However you choose to celebrate, we want to say a huge diolch to you all. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years will bring!