Where to buy

Most shops now sell some Fair Trade products. Your local shop or farmers market may also stock at least a few items including tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and fruit.

Look for the Fairtrade Mark or WFTO Guarantee. It’s always worth asking if you can’t find something – as the shop may be able to order it for you.


If you are looking to purchase Fair Trade goods on a larger scale for your work or organisation, then see our purchasing guide to help with your procurement needs, or see the Fairtrade Foundations purchasing guide.


If you are looking to do your Fair Trade shopping online, we recommend JTS, Premcrest and Ethical Superstore who both stock a range of products with eco-delivery to your door. To find suppliers by product type take a look at the Fairtrade Foundation’s product pages.


There are some brilliant independent Fair Trade retailers across Wales selling a wide range of Fair Trade products including food, clothes and gifts. Find out more about them below. For UK wide shops and suppliers take a look at the BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK, a network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK.

We also highlight Fair Trade product information on our blog.