South East

  1. Jenipher’s Coffi

    Jenipher’s Coffi is named after Jenipher Wettaka, vice-chair of the cooperative of farmers who work together on the slopes of Mt Elgon in eastern Uganda to produce this beautiful coffee. Grown from fertile volcanic soil, our high-quality, Arabica coffee, is produced organically and to Fairtrade standards.

  2. Awesome Wales

    Awesome Wales is the Vale of Glamorgan’s first Zero waste store. Located in Barry, Cowbridge and now the UHW Cardiff, Awesome Wales stocks a variety of Fairtrade goods. Pop along to their shop, or head to their website for your eco-friendly and Fairtrade products.

  3. Sussed

    SUSSED is a fair trade community run shop in Porthcawl, South Wales, founded by the charity Sustainable Wales and staffed entirely by volunteers

    SUSSED specialises in ethical products, specifically; Fair Trade, environmentally-friendly, plastic free and local goods.

  4. Llantwit Major Town Council

    Llantwit Major is a Fairtrade town
    committed to supporting Fairtrade.

  5. Fair Trade Hay-on-Wye

    Hay-on-Wye has a commitment to it’s
    Fairtrade town status. We organise
    events and give talks and support
    local businesses to stock Fairtrade.

  6. Fair Trade Cardiff

    We are volunteers who want to raise awareness of fair trade and maintain Cardiff’s Fairtrade City status.

  7. Barry Town Council Fairtrade Advisory Committee

    Fairtrade Barry is supported by Barry Town Council. We organise events to promote and showcase Fairtrade, working with local schools and churches, as well as promoting Fairtrade products at popular events.

  8. Monmouth Fair Trade Forum

    The forum meets regularly to organise Fairtrade events and works with other voluntary groups to provide support and Fairtrade catering.

  9. Chepstow Fair Trade Forum

    Chepstow is an official Fair-Trade town and we encourage individuals and businesses in Chepstow to help make a difference to the world by becoming Fair Trade.

  10. Abergavenny Fairtrade forum

    The Forum promotes Fairtrade and the sale and use of Fairtrade products by local businesses and organisations, organising events in Fairtrade Fortnight each year.