Learning at your own pace with our online Sustainable Futures Course

October 9, 2023
Fair Trade Wales' online Sustainability Course

Online Course Background

Fair Trade Wales has been campaigning to support, grow and promote the Fair Trade movement across Wales for 15 years. During this time, Wales became the first Fair Trade nation, established through grassroots fair trade towns and schools and increasing engagement with all things Fair Trade. In that time, we’ve learnt the importance and value that our education and expertise can offer.

There is an increasing interest in sustainability, net zero and climate change. So, we’ve decided to collate our knowledge of the field into an an hour-long online sustainable futures course. This course will give a flavour of the critical topics for a sustainable future and explain the impact that these global changes have on us;

“The training at Fair Trade Wales is packed with facts about the stuff we buy and the impacts we make on the planet, but it is done in an engaging way. Because of that, it is a great, snappy and accessible introduction to sustainability!”

Dr Karolina Rucinska

Sustainability Advisor | Cynghorydd Cynaliadwyedd

          Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales

Who is the course for?

The course goes beyond Fair Trade and dips into the key topics and pressing issues facing Sustainable Futures. The material is designed to be accessible without prior knowledge of the topics needed. It’s a great taster course for individuals, students and businesses who want to positively contribute to a sustainable future. It’s handy for those living or working in Wales, with explanations of Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act

How does the course work?

At the moment, we’re offering the sustainability course online. It comprises three units: Understanding Global Responsibility, The Things We Buy, and The International Context. These courses are interactive, with a range of video clips and written content, taking around an hour total to complete. It costs £45 and is available in both Welsh and English (it’s possible to interchange between them). The online course can be completed through the Fair Trade Wales account at the learners pace. 

Why have we made the online sustainability course?

We wanted to make a course that connected Wales with the world, linking local debates and small-scale actions with their global impacts. Moreover, the course offers guidelines, further reading and case studies to illustrate how learners can make better choices as businesses, individuals and communities.

All the money raised through selling this course directly supports our work across Wales and allows us to continue growing the fair trade movement.