Welcome Kadun

September 7, 2021

This month, we welcome a new member of the team, Kadun Rees, who will be working at Fair Trade Wales as our Community and Communications Officer.

Kadun joins us from Age Cymru where he has been the Volunteer Services Support Officer and is a recent graduate of International Relations and Politics from Cardiff University. Kadun is a coffee addict and is looking forward to sampling some of the many Fairtrade coffees out there.

Kadun will be supporting Fair Trade communities in Wales by organising regular meetings and managing our resources, as well as supporting our wider supporter network through our newsletters and social platforms. And of course Kadun will be heavily involved in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight.

Aileen Burmeister, Head of Fair Trade Wales said:

“We’re really pleased to welcome Kadun to the team, and to introduce the Fair Trade movement in Wales to our newest member. Kadun’s experience of volunteering and knowledge of global issues means he will be a great asset.”

Kadun said:

“It’s an absolute pleasure to join the team! It’s now more important than ever that we put the planet and those most affected by Climate Change first. I’m looking forward to contributing to the amazing work that Fair Trade Wales and every Fair Trade group is doing here in Wales. This role is also the perfect opportunity for me to fuel my love for coffee.”

To get in touch, contact us on info@fairtradewales.org.uk or Kadun directly in English or Welsh at kadun@fairtradewales.org.uk.