Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 is here

February 22, 2021

This Fairtrade Fortnight (22 February – 7 March 2021) highlights the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with.

The facts are straightforward. Farmers and workers in the global south, who have done the least to contribute to climate change, are disproportionately affected. They have said:

  • Climate change is one of their biggest challenges right now.
  • Low prices for their crops mean that they are struggling to fight back.
  • With more money through Fairtrade they feel more equipped to meet their everyday needs and deal with the challenges posed by climate change.

Those in climate vulnerable countries are already seeing its impacts from droughts and crop disease to floods, heatwaves and shrinking harvests. Ongoing poverty in farming communities makes it increasingly hard to cope with the effects of climate change.

This year because of the pandemic Fairtrade Fortnight is online with a celebration website and we’re hosting online events, as are some of our communities across the nation.

Join us for a cuppa and climate chat with a message from Jenipher, a coffee farmer in Uganda. Make a delicious Fairtrade chocolate and tahini cake with a recipe video from Sarah Philpott and join the Climate Justice for a Fairer World panel discussion with Swansea Fair Trade Forum.

Aileen Burmeister, National Co-ordinator at Fair Trade Wales said; “Normally we love celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight with events that bring communities and supporters together, but this year is very different. However, we are still proud that events can take place online and that groups can still reach and impact people.

In 2021 farmers face increasing challenges. The climate crisis, the global pandemic and Brexit are all contributing to the disruption of global supply chains. So it’s vital that we continue to support Fairtrade.

We can all play our part by choosing Fairtrade to ensure the livelihoods of the farmers who work tirelessly to give us the products we consume everyday. By supporting Fairtrade you’re ensuring that people get a fair price, have a voice in their business, and can provide for their families and community”.

Fairtrade Fortnight in Wales is supported by the Welsh Government and Hub Cymru Africa.