Final Statement on Nestle Campaign

October 1, 2020
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Today marks the end of the partnership between Nestle and Fairtrade sugar and cocoa producers and we’re very disappointed that Nestle have not changed their minds. 

A petition representing 300,000 people is being handed in to Nestlé at their York Office today in protest at their decision. Over the past few months we have seen that this is an issue that people care about.

As a result of the withdrawal, thousands of extremely vulnerable farmers will lose out on around £2 million of Fairtrade Premium payments every year, and will have less control over how they spend their money under new arrangements. Meanwhile, Nestle turned a profit of over $10 billion last year.

We are proud of our involvement in the coalition to try and overturn this decision and thank Joanna Pollard, Fairtrade Yorkshire, for her tireless efforts.

Like the farmers themselves, we still believe that Fairtrade is the best scheme to empower and support them and we urge people to shop ethically and consciously and buy Fairtrade.