Update on the Nestle Campaign

August 26, 2020

Thank you for your support, together we have achieved some success and impact in supporting the Fairtrade cocoa producers that provide Nestle with their cocoa, and raising awareness of the campaign.

What’s happened so far…

  • In June 2020, Nestle announced that after a decade they would no longer be using Fairtrade cocoa and sugar in their Kit Kats. They instead would be switching to Rainforest Alliance as part of their Cocoa Plan  .
  • The Ivorian Fair Trade Network (RICE) spoke on behalf of the affected farmers, and raised concerns about their livelihoods, asking Nestle to keep Kit Kats Fairtrade.
  • A petition was launched by Joanna Pollard of Fairtrade Yorkshire asking Nestle to reverse their decision and #KeepKitKatFairTrade. We are part of the coalition backing this petition
  • July: As a result of the petition, Nestle began reaching out to various networks to open a conversation. This  included Joanna Pollard who asked Nestle to give more details about the minimum pricing and conditions that farmers could expect.
  • August: Nestle eventually got back to Joanna with some figures about the Rainforest Alliance premium but have still not responded to the letter from the farmers.
  • September: The Ivorian Fair Trade Network (RICE) have made a video – please share.
  • Thurs Oct 1st – The petition is being handed in to the Nestle office in York. There are resources available such as posters, social media images and a video of a Fairtrade poem that you can share on your platforms.


  • As a result of your campaigning the petition has reached over 280,000 signatures!
  • We took over former Wales goalkeeper Neville Southall’s twitter account and told his followers about Fairtrade and the campaign.
  • MPs in Wales Ruth Jones, Stephen Doughty and Geraint Davies are part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fairtrade who met with and have publicly asked Nestle to reconsider their actions.
  • Nestle have now met with RICE and heard their questions and concerns around the lack of clarity of payment and power they’ll have in future.


Here’s some information about impact on the farmers, Rainforest Alliance, living incomes and more


What can you do now?

Ask Nestle questions, using the FAQs  – how much autonomy will farmers get over their premiums? What is the plan to safeguard farmers’ livelihoods? Why have Nestle not responded to the Ivorian Fair Trade Network letter?

Please share this video and let’s help more people understand why Fairtrade matters so much to these farmers.

Nestle address:

Nestle UK Ltd Headquarters (Registered Office)
1 City Place


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