Sustainability Course

Why do a sustainability course?

There is a big push for sustainable development taking place. With the need for transition to a green economy growing constantly, we need to understand the new context we are operating in.

We are leaders in the field of sustainability, understanding embedded supply chain problems and delivering social value solutions. Therefore, Fair Trade is uniquely positioned to deliver a course on understanding the new values driven approach necessary to thrive in a new green economy.

Our course is for

  • Employees wanting a comprehensive introduction to sustainability and practical action.
  • Procurement professionals interested in sustainable supply chains.
  • Teachers wanting to introduce the topics of global citizenship, consumerism and sustainability to your students.
  • Students wanting to learn about trade justice, international relations, ethics and sustainability.
  • Individuals looking to pivot their career or just interested in the field of sustainability.

Key topics covered

  • Global responsibility and Welsh legislation;
  • Sustainability and Net Zero;
  • Supply chains and purchasing;
  • International agreements and climate policy;
  • Practical action for individuals and organisations.

This is an engaging, interactive course where participants make the connections and apply their own knowledge to learn about topics.