Trade Justice Wales

January 2022 – Tuesday 28th February 2023
Trade Justice Wales // Cyfiawnder Masnach Cymru

What is Trade Justice Wales?

Trade Justice Wales is a fledgling network of organisations and academics with an interest in different Trade Justice areas. Participants work together across a range of ethical areas to ensure that the UK’s new trade policy and trade agreements support Welsh ambitions for a green and just recovery in line with the Well-being of Future Generations goals.

Trade agreements are negotiated at the UK level by the UK Government but have practical effects in Wales and on Welsh policy. Yet there is limited capacity, skills and scope for Welsh civil society voices to influence and scrutinise UK trade policy and the resulting agreements.

The network aims to address the knowledge and skills gap by providing networking, knowledge sharing and providing training opportunities. It will also respond to consultations and write policy position papers that all participants can feed into, use and access.

Trade Justice Wales is run by Fair Trade Wales and the Wales Governance Centre / WCVA Civil Society Forum. A pilot of the network ran from January 2022-February 2023 funded by a Cardiff University Innovation for All award. The network mostly operates in English. We are currently evaluating the pilot and seeking partnerships to help fund stage two

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