Small Business Saturday: Shop local, think global

December 4, 2021

Shop locally, impact globally this Small Business Saturday 

Small business Saturday is all about encouraging people to shop at and support small businesses in their communities. Fair Trade Wales is encouraging this through asking you to shop Fairtrade – supporting local businesses and empowering local farmers and workers in lower and middle income countries. 

Here are some places where you can shop to support trade justice rights and climate justice this Saturday…


Jenipher’s Coffi 

Enjoy your Fairtrade coffee free from exploitation with Jenipher’s Coffi, specially roasted and sold here in Wales. When you buy Jennifer’s Coffi you’re also helping farmers reach their goal of planting 25 million trees by 2025. That means supporting farmers in sustaining their livelihoods and tackling climate change. Jenipher has a strong link with Wales and visits at every opportunity she can. Jenipher stopped here on her way to talk at COP26 in Glasgow and met with Fair Trade Wales in Cardiff. Jenipher then made her way to Anglesey, where she met with various members of the Anglesey Fair Trade Partnership at a climate march in Holyhead.


Fair Do’s Siopa Teg

Fashion doesn’t have to come at the expense of others when you buy Fairtrade. Come down to Canton, Cardiff to browse Fair Do’s collection of ethically produced clothing from Gringos, Ibu Indah and Namaste. If fashion is not your thing, they have a range of Fairtrade foods and even Fairtrade cards available too. 


The Dragons Garden 

Practise self-care and sustainability with candles, incense, soap & body care from The Dragons Garden in Llansadwrn. You can also join the chocolate revolution for farmers, children, and our environment when you treat yourself to Divine chocolate


Fair and Fabulous 

Get ready for Christmas with Fair and Fabulous’ selected Christmas range. Choose to decorate with Fairtrade paper chains, handmade felt & papier-mache baubles, and cute mini Christmas characters like this lil reindeer


So, why Fairtrade?

As consumers, we tend to forget that there are real people with stories behind the products we purchase. We should be questioning the supply chains of those products we purchase. The next time you decide to buy an item, think about these things: What are the working conditions? Were producers paid a fair wage for fair work? And how does the manufacturing of these products affect our planet? Fair Trade takes a holistic approach by connecting producers and consumers through making supply chains more transparent and providing better choices for shopping responsibly. Fair Trade also supports producer led community development, education and health projects and human rights for people globally. By choosing Fairtrade, you’re joining a global community working together to create a fairer, better world – the world we want to see. More info on Fair Trade

So, shop locally and shop Fairtrade this Small Business Saturday – impacting locally and globally 🙂