Our manifesto: 2021

November 25, 2020

As the UK looks to make fast international Trade Deals, and Covid-19 continues to cause vast health and economic impacts globally, the Welsh Government must remain committed to establishing Wales as a globally responsible nation.

We, Fair Trade Wales, want the next Senedd and Welsh Government to work to embed Fair Trade in Trade Policy, Procurement and Education.

Our asks

  1. Develop a set of Trade Policy lines focused on global responsibility, pushing for new international trade deals to promote workers’ rights, sustainability and fair trade
  2. Maintain and enhance Fair Trade commitments in the Welsh Government and Senedd’s procurement policies and guidelines
  3. Ensure that Wales creates a nation of ethical, global citizens by including effective teaching and online resources for the inclusion of ‘ethical and informed citizens of Wales and the World’ in the curriculum.

Fair Trade Wales aims to support, grow and promote the Fair Trade movement in Wales, the world’s first Fair Trade Nation. We are experts on Fair Trade and Trade Justice, and are members of the UK’s Trade Justice Movement.

Our manifesto