Fair Trade Wales have become official members of the UK’s Trade Justice Movement

November 23, 2020

What is the Trade Justice Movement?

The Trade Justice Movement is a UK coalition of nearly sixty civil society organisations, with millions of individual members, calling for trade rules that work for people and planet. Together we are calling for trade justice, not free trade, with the rules weighted to ensure sustainable outcomes for ordinary people and the environment.

Aileen Burmeister, National Coordinator for Fair Trade Wales said: ‘

The Fair Trade movement in Wales has been campaigning for Trade to be fairer for many years, and we have often worked in partnership with justice organisations from around the world.

As the UK begins to negotiate its own trade deals, now is the right time to formalise that relationship. We’re proud to have been accepted as a member of the Trade Justice Movement, and are looking forward to working together to campaign for a fairer trade system that benefits all, not just a few.’

The Trade Justice Movement’s founding principles show the benefits that trade can have: 

‘We stand for trade. Almost everyone is involved in or affected by trade. Trade is a way of overcoming local, regional and national scarcity, and can generate new livelihood and employment opportunities. Trade can therefore play an important part in contributing to poverty reduction and improving our quality of life.’