Fair Trade Nation – Consultancy opportunity

April 11, 2022

Fair Trade Nation – Review of criteria

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum and Fair Trade Wales are seeking a consultant to carry out the preparation of a short report as a basis for the organisations to review the criteria for Fair Trade Nation status. The criteria was first agreed in 2006/7.


The purpose of this consultancy is to:

  1. Review work already undertaken that has sought to offer comment on the possible future revision of Fair Trade Nation criteria;
  2. Get input from each of the two organisations through interviews with a key staff member from each organisation;
  3. Produce a short report highlighting possible options for revising/updating/refreshing the criteria.


There will be 4 days work carried out in total by the end of June 2022 at the latest when the report will be presented to Fair Trade Wales and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.

Fair Trade Wales and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum will supply the documents to be reviewed and the lead staff member of each organisation will make themselves available for interview


The fee payable is 4 days at £300 per day. VAT is not chargeable. Fees will be paid by BACS within 21 days of receipt of an invoice on headed paper.

Expression of interest

If interested in the consultancy, please contact info@sftf.org.uk by Thursday 28 April.