Fair Trade Wales & COP26

November 11, 2021

Climate change has been described as the biggest threat facing humanity, and indeed it is the biggest challenge for farmers around the world, who are dependent on the changing weather and landscape for their livelihoods. World leaders are currently gathered in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, to take collective action and address this global issue. 

Taking action on the climate and ecological emergencies is a top priority for us all year round. Here are 5 things for an equal and sustainable future which you might have missed. 

1.Last month, we heard from Lazarous Bwambale, a Fairtrade farmer from Uganda at our International Coffee Day event: Coffee, Climate & the Consumer

Lazarous powerfully reminded us of the implications of climate change for those on the frontline. He stated that it is the responsibility of humans everywhere to change our behaviour to support farmers and workers fighting the effects of climate change. Buying Fairtrade encourages ethical and sustainable farming practices. 

Full event recording available here


2. During Hub Cymru Africa’s Global Solidarity Summit in March 2021, we heard from Santiago Peralta, one of the founders of Pacari Chocolate, and Erinch Sahan, Chief Executive of the World Fair Trade Organisation. They spoke of climate justice and the type of farming we need to embrace to ensure there is a future. Santiago also spoke of his pioneering business that put people and the planet first. Watch here


3. Watch this clip of Jenipher Wettaka from Fairtrade Fortnight 2021. Jenipher is a Fairtrade coffee farmer in Uganda who sells coffee here in Wales. In this clip Jenipher explains the impacts of climate change on her business and the wider community. 

‘How is climate change impacting you and your community?’

Full video available on our YouTube


4. We have several resources for schools on our website. Make use of them in your primary and secondary classrooms, available in English and Welsh. 

In particular, The problem cocoa tree is a great teaching resource to learn about the climate crisis and its immediate threat to the livelihoods of farmers and workers across the world. Check all the resources out. 


5. Join us in signing the Fairtrade Africa’s open letter to politicians, calling on them to be fair with their climate promises. 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers are calling for urgent action, asking governments at COP26 to be fair with their $100 billion climate promise. 

Fairtrade farmers have 4 key calls for world leaders, including ensuring the $100 million reaches those who need it. 

The letter has nearly reached its target of 30,000 signatures. Add yours today and help push it over 30,000. 

How about starting by signing the letter. To keep up to date with our work on Fair Trade and Climate, sign up to our newsletter. Be vocal, be loud and spread the word, action on climate change needs to be taken now. Use your voice to make a difference.