In-Person Workshops

A comprehensive introduction to sustainability through a Fair Trade lens.

Explore the links between trade, climate and social injustices and look at how we are beginning to move towards a sustainable future.

These workshops are for

  • Teams wanting to understand the Welsh context and the need to transition to a green economy.
  • Employees and sustainability champions wishing to learn more to address sustainability needs within your organisation.
  • Students wishing to gain further knowledge in the fields of consumerism, sustainability, environmental studies, supply chains, international policy and government.

In person workshops

Some people learn better in classroom environments. So we come to your setting and deliver an interactive workshop where participants collaborate and apply their knowledge and ideas to the topic. To have us come to you, and deliver a workshop in sustainability, please get in touch:

Key Topics Covered: The concept of global responsibility; Net Zero; sustainability; supply chains and externalised costs; international regulation and trade policy.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore global connections.
  • Understand current legislation.
  • Define sustainability.
  • Consider supply chains and their external costs.
  • Discuss trade policy and how it is impacting sustainability.
  • Explore actions that can be done at home and in the workplace

Full team to accommodate? Why not try our comprehensive online course. Convenient, flexible, micro lessons to study according to your teams schedules. All the resources and signposting to drill down more deeply into the subject as they wish. Alternatively, talk to us about putting these sustainability modules onto your in-house system: