Live Online Workshops

Our open online course Sustainable Futures looks at how trade and the things we buy are linked to environmental and social degradation and how we can transition to a green economy and a sustainable future.

Our online courses allow students to participate live without travelling to a physical classroom space. Participants can learn and be involved from the relaxed environment of home.

These workshops are for

Everyone. Students, individuals, teams, groups and organisations, anyone interested in the green transition, current legislation, the local and international context and how we move to a sustainable future.

Next Dates: 2nd & 4th May

Key topics include: The Well-being and Future Generations Act; Sustainability; Supply Chains; Net Zero; Externalised Costs; International trade agreements.

By the end of the sessions learners will be able to:

  • Explain the principle of Global Responsibility.
  • Define sustainability.
  • Describe the challenge posed by supply chains.
  • Explore the true cost of trade.
  • Discuss current problems with trade policy.
  • Propose practical action for individuals and workplaces.

Two webinars 2 hours each

1st Webinar:

look at the concept of global responsibility and the Well-being of Future Generations Act. Explore our global connections and consider their meaning in our own lives. We examine our values and offer a range of activities that apply our values to globally responsible behaviours.

Then we look at the concept of sustainability, what Fair Trade does and how some organisations are beginning their transition to sustainable businesses.

2nd Webinar:

We then consider the challenge of Net Zero and the things we buy. We look at the complexity of supply chains and embedded supply chain problems. Look at a range of steps workplaces and individuals can take to become more sustainable.

Finally, we look in detail at the UK’s own processes, before exploring how international regulation is impacting governments’ abilities to implement climate policy.

Next Dates: 2nd & 4th May

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Do you have a diverse team who need more convenient, flexible training options? Our e-learning course is a comprehensive introduction to sustainability through micro lessons that teams can access according to their other commitments. Contact us to chat about options.